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XINDA Rock Climbing Half Body Waist Support Safety Belt

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Code :XD-A9519

Name: Halfbody safety harness

Color: black  blue  orange

Net weight: 1400g

Waist Size: 70-130cm

Thigh size:50-65cm

Material: Polyester

Certification : CE 2002

Multi-functional: climbing  expanding caving rescue ascending   training  working at height...


High-strength polyester material,Light and wear resistant.

Multiple colors available.

Please have all equipment safety checked by a qualified professional prior to use. Climbing gear should be regularly inspected to make sure it’s not only functioning optimally, but also safe to use. Use at your own risk!



XINDA Tree Climbing harnesses provide a comfortable and safe means of attachment for climbers and guarantors (protectors) to spread the impact of the fall onto the waist and legs, avoiding all being concentrated on the waist and being hurt. This half-body harness includes a waistband, a leg loop, and an additional attachment system in front of the belt, with the waistband being the primary force-bearing portion. The seat loops of the seat belts can be adjusted to the appropriate size, comfortably attached to the hip bones, and the impact of the climber's fall is spread throughout the pelvis, making it a comfortable seat when descending.Shoulder, waist, leg pads widened and thickened, very comfortable, suitable for long hours of work.The load-bearing belt in front of the waist is longer, making it easy to adjust position and posture in the air.