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Summer air cooling neck ventilator without leaves hanging neck bladeless fan fan usb refillable

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Heat dissipation of aluminum sheet ice. Top-tech heat exchange principle, cold aluminum absorbs heat, aluminum blocks dissipate heat and cool physically, so you can enjoy the cool under the hot sun.
The angle can be adjusted and the direction can be changed.
Three wind speed, silent engine
1800mah long battery life.
Color: black/white
Material: abs + silicone
Size: 200*180*60mm/7.87*7.09*2.36"
Net weight: 310g
Battery: 18650-3.7v
Capacity: 1800mAh
Energy consumption: 1.5-4w
Time of life:
When using only the fan: low speed resistance 18h; mean speed resistance 12h; high speed resistance 8h.
Charging Input: DC5V1A
Charging time: about three hours
1 x hanging neck cooling fan
1 x USB power cord 
1 X User Manual
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